Here at DDG we provide a range of services to cater for all types of vehicle shapes and sizes, below is just a small insight of what we can do for you.

Custom Remapping


ECU Remapping is reading the chip in your vehicle that is inside the ECU, we then download this standard file which the manufacture has provided and change parameters such as fueling, boost pressure (on turbo charged vehicles) ignition and throttle pedal plus a few little more things.

However with our vast experience over some tuning companies you can always trust we will only ever adjust these settings to preserve the health of your vehicle.

We always also provide a free health check before the vehicle is tuned to ensure you get a reliable and affordable service everytime.

DPF & Diesel Tuning


DDG can also provide an in house service for Diesels and DPF Removal. DPF stands for Diesel Particle Filter, most diesels after 2006 contain one of these to help harmful soot particles from entering the atmoshere.

With a vehicle doing high mileage the idea is for this system to regenerate to clear all this stored soot up, this unfortunately fails and provides a costly bill to replace the system.

However DDG have the answer, we can remove this system completely and tune the vehicle at the same time enabling a smoother more efficient and powerful diesel motor.